Climate change
Living on the edge
  • Living on the edge
    Who lives in the Arctic circle?
  • Avanersuaq
    The Inuit community living in the Avanersuaq of North West of Greenland at latitude 77°N are one of the most northerly communities in the world.
  • Change
    How far are the sea ice and glaciers in the Avanersuaq predicted to have retreated by 2070?
Arctic science
Hunter or hunted?
  • Walking on snow
    Match heads to paws, claws, hooves and feet, and learn about how Arctic species walk on the snow without losing too much heat.
  • Barney's progress
    An excel file documenting the progress of a migrating Barnacle goose. (see "Long haul travel")
Postcard from the edge
Troubled waters
  • Fabled passage
    Find out more about the Northwest Passage and navigate through the ice.
  • The concrete sea
    What it's like to navigate the Northwest Passage: images and information.
  • 80 Inuit words for ice
    Indigenous peoples, such as the Inuit and Cree have around 80 terms or words to describe the state of the sea ice.
  • NOAA's Observers' guide to sea ice
    Grease ice, pancake ice, and more!
  • Marine simulation
    At the Centre for Marine Simulation, in Canada, trainee ice navigators get the chance to experience different ice conditions within the safety of a virtual environment. Image gallery.
  • "Arctic Bulletin"
    Download "Arctic Bulletin" and find out about the WWF ideas for an interim 'code of practice' for ship owners (pages 18 and 19)
Resources from the edge
Arctic Circumpolar Governance
Adapting to change

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