Snow, water, ice and permafrost in the Arctic

This section explains AMAP’s new assessment of the impacts of climate change brings together the latest scientific knowledge about the changing state of each component of the Arctic ‘cryosphere’. It examines how these changes will impact both the Arctic as a whole and people living within the Arctic and elsewhere in the world.

Warming temperatures are changing the nature of the land surface over huge areas of the Arctic. These are affecting those who live and work in this challenging region.

pole positionPole position

What is the cryosphere?Investigate the changing nature of the polar regions and say hello to a whole new sphere of interest...

cool runningGoing further

The new ArcticWatch the movie that sets the scene for some of the changes that are happening in the Arctic. Are all these changes inevitable?
Change is coming...Permafrost - is it so permanent now?
Reporting from the frontline of climate changeWhat does the latest report on the state of the North have to say?
Boom or bust?What does the latest report on the state of the North have to say?

Polar pitstopPolar pitstop

Why will your Facebook account be frozen?The cold regions of the world offer opportunities for new economic activities. Will these lead to a brighter future for some communities?

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