Adapting to change – UK policy towards the Arctic

This section explains the UK’s Policy Framework and the UK’s interest in the region showing how the UK will work with the Arctic States and the wider international community. It shows the expertise that the UK can offer to meet some of the long-term challenges facing the region.

There is no doubt the Arctic is on the frontier of global climate change impacts’ Mark Simmonds, Minister for the Polar Regions, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 2013

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The Arctic StatesThere is no doubt the Arctic is on the frontier of global climate change impacts.

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The UK's approach to the ArcticThe UK is the northernmost country outside of the eight Arctic states.
The human dimensionWorking towards and Arctic that is safe and secure; well governed in conjunction with indigenous peoples and in line with international law.
The environmental dimensionDue to its geographic location the UK shares a common marine and avian biodiversity with much of the Arctic.
The commercial dimensionPromote an Arctic where only responsible development takes place.

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Why will your Facebook account be frozen?Although they are at opposite ends of the earth research in the two Polar Regions rely on each other.

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