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The story of the Arctic is about people and place. Explore this region and how it is changing with the help of the people who live and work there. Start by meeting Aaju, an Inuk lawyer. Listen to her greeting in the Inuit language, Innuktitut. Then journey across the top of the world with the help of your Arctic guides below, and discover more about this remote, cold, challenging and amazing wilderness!


Start your journey at 'Pole Position', find out more in 'Cool Running' and end your journey at 'Polar Pitstop'. Investigate how climate change affects the Arctic environment, its wildlife and people; how scientists have used the International Polar Year as an opportunity to research the implications of change in the Arctic.

Undertake an enquiry into the nature of the Arctic and why thousands of tourists make it their holiday destination.

Understand the implications of change in the Arctic for shipping and the exploitation of resources and the effects of all these activities on the lives of the indigenous people and the governance of the Arctic.

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Discovering the Arctic is an interactive educational teaching and learning resource for schools, developed by the Royal Geographical Society with IBG, in partnership with the British Antarctic Survey, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Scottish Association for Marine Science.

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